Satellite Committee

Portable Operation

For portable operations like Field Day, several club members have portable hand held equipment and satellite antenna systems that can be set-up in a remote location and with a minimum of effort. Field Day contacts have been successfully made during the last few years.

Satellite Status

To check on the current status of the various Ham satellites check .


Stu Tracy ------- N7RVF

Posted : 6/18/2018

To coordinate satellite communications activities from the BEARS Ham Shack/Trailer and from the Field Day sight.

The satellite communications station is located in the Ham Shack. Radio equipment includes Satellite all mode transceivers for two meters and 70 centimeters. A dedicated computer with tracking software provides automated tracking of satellites and is networked to other BEARS computers in the main shack. The equipment is capable of communicating thru the popular phone and CW satellites.

As of 15 June, the BEARS satellite station has been shut down in preparation for possible limited access during MOF construction. Also, a recent issue with the 2-meter antenna renders the station inoperative for now. We will have to await developments as to when we can get access to repair the antenna. 

The BEAR35 computer that operates the satellite station is shut down and cannot be reached on TeamViewer. BEARS members visiting the station are asked not to power up the computer or any of the satellite equipment.

Anyone interested in this mode of communication and operating this equipment, should contact Stu, N7RVF.

Notice: As of 15 June 2018, the BEARS satellite station has been shut down and is not accessable. 

With permission, the Satellite Station can be remotely accessed. Contact Stu, N7RVF.

WEB Master: John MacDuff, KA7TTY