10 Meter Beacon


There are no regular scheduled meetings at this time. Please contact Phil if you are interested in this activity.

The Beacon is located at Bears Shack at the Museum of Flight at 28.2645 MHz and has a CW ID.


Phil DeCaire ------- WB7AEI

Posted : 05/13/2012


To build, install, and maintain a 10 Meter beacon here in the Seattle area.

Signal Reports

If you have heard our beacon please send us a report. We are working on a form to make that easier. In the mean time click COMMENTS to the left and send us a note.
Beacon Lists

Take a look at these Lists of 10M Beacon Stations to listen for.

Project Details

Here are some slides of the schematics in Adobe Acrobat format. Or chick here for the schematics in MS Word format.

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