Digital Committee

Thursday Night Net

Thursdays at 8 PM on K7NWS repeater (145.330 - 179.9)

Winlink check-in, send to DIGITAL-NET or K7RFH.


to provide training and practice for a variety of amateur radio digital modes and applications.

Rich Hand ------- K7RFH

Posted : 1/10/2016
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Digital Net Briefing

Below you will find the file from Rich's January 9th BEARS meeting program.

Configuring for Digital

This is a follow-up file from Rich.
Topics and Modes

FLDIGI, FLMSG; FLAMP in MT63-2KL, PSK250RC5 or others as requested

EasyPal - digital images and, files

MMSSTV - analog images

Winlink - RMS Express

HF related digital modes and applications

Other topics related to digital operations, exercises, contests and related personal radio experience.

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